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SUV Painting competition

We are holding a SUV paining competition


To enter all you need to do is paint one of our Evil bear SUV’s ! simple !

Each entrant will get a small prize

Depending on quantity of entries the prize/prizes will get bigger.

As a bigger bonus the competition ends at the end of September which is the same time we have a few product lines being cast 😉 so some pre releases maybe available to winners 😀

All entries in by the end of 1st of November midnight GMT.
All entries must be a Evil bear SUV available here :×4-suv-28mm-scale/

You may convert your SUV any way you like with any minis you like, although models converted with minis from companies that have protected IP such as GW, Spectre, and such we will not be publishable in book 2 sadly. We do have permission to publish images using images from Empress, also Warlord are generally pretty cool with such things within reason, also any minis we sell in store obviously your welcome to use. Basically use a little common sense. or any questions email me at

Some of the best images may appear in Book 2 of osc with credits to the painter and a free copy of the book once available.

Please take some time to make clear and pleasant pictures maybe with plane backgrounds as these seem to look best.

please keep in mind to try keep any slogans / graffiti unoffensive.

Entrants need to be emailed to and/or you can share on the “evil bear wargames group” on face book.