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OSC | Oscar Sierra Charlie

Oscar Sierra Charlie puts you straight in the front line of gripping battles. This is combat at the cutting edge; individual and squad-level action, desperate missions to capture key objectives, with victory going to best tactical mind.

OSC’s mechanics are deliberately streamlined for fast-paced tactical play. Straightforward stat lines are augmented by a plethora of skills, options and tactics. At its heart a player-driven rules system, no two games of OSC will be the same. Your troops will stand and fight at your command – their fate and that of the mission is wholly in your hands!

The game world of Oscar Sierra Charlie is one of gritty modern warfare at its core. But it is also far more. .


1 copy full colour copy of the A5 Rule Book | OSC-Part 1: Skirmish rules

Product Description

Welcome to a game that has been through over 20 years of evolution, and has been refined over the last 2 years.  The outcome is a more player friendly product. Blood sweat and tears have gone into the making of it and its’ expansions, and on the battle field your forces will fight blood sweat and tears in grasping a victory.

With plenty of Free articles on the way, showing examples of how the game plays, and how to use any forces you wish, in any time period. OSC is not just a modern war game, this is a system for you (the player) to have fun with.

I am proud of this project, and I hope you enjoy playing it, for any question please feel free to ask on our forum, or use contacts to contact me.

Part one is to get you into action on a skirmish level and learn the nuts and bolts of the basic game.

Although OSC is designed for friendly rather than competitive play, there will be articles to help players add restrictions to help balance the game for players preferring to play that way.

With OSC you can experience some fun games with, what feels like realistic forces, using the points to balance out the numbers.

If players wish to form killer forces to win games, then they have missed the main point of this game. The challenge in this game is making the right choices on what actions you take, in what order and how you do them.

OSC is a game of cunning tactics, for those still wanting to create a competitive scene. There will be an army guide and additional weapons, which players may request to be made available on the Forums for free. With enough feedback those pages will be made available in Book 2, following up including vehicles and new weapons.



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