Where Modern Warfare Meets Near Future: Oscar Sierra Charlie puts you straight in the front line in gripping battles. This is combat at the cutting edge; individual and squad-level action, desperate missions to capture key objectives, with victory going to the best tactical mind.

OSC’s mechanics are deliberately streamlined for fast-paced tactical play – a one-stat system is used for troops, vehicles and other assets, with elite and specialist assets having extra skills and abilities to distinguish them from regular units. At its heart a player-driven rules system, no two games of OSC will be the same. Your troops will stand and fight at your command; their fate and that of their mission is wholly in your hands!

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British Army Panther TES


Android redesign

few changes to the androids, why not pop over to our face book page and join the discusion.Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 11.30.52


PMC Near Future (Early Renders)


Here are some early renders, since these images where produced, they have moved forward greatly so these are not final product, little tweaks are being added, and a huge range of separate heads so you can personalize your squads.Thought you might like a little glimpse 🙂



suits-1 suits-2-x3

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